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People will always hold you back, don’t let them

People will always hold you back, don’t let them

You know the exact type of people that these are and they’re sometimes really difficult to pinpoint. I for one, have had many different types of people hold me back and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. A lot of us base our successes and failures around the people we associate with, that’s why it’s important to have the strength to be able to forge ahead with our own clear thoughts. Equally, it is still important to utilise the relationships we have with friends and family in order open up other opportunities that can help us reach our goals more quickly and share in those moments of success.

Some people are fun to be around, they can make you smile and laugh, others give you the warm fuzzy feeling that you associate with being genuine and mutually respectful. If you have managed to solely surround yourself with these types of people then it means you’ve socially engineered your life in a great way! The reality is, unfortunately, that there are other people out there who do the exact opposite and feel like emotional leeches, always bringing you down or holding you back.

When you get used to a certain lifestyle and friend groups/companions, it can sometimes be hard to identify those who are suppressive. The important thing to do here, however, is to find them and remove them from your life to as much a degree as possible. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad people, but they are bad for you so you need to be honest about it and about how they make you feel. Here’s the downside, to start weeding these people out it means you’re going to have to think about some negative things which is never fun but it is often the best course of action to clearly communicate the common characteristics.

Signs of Suppressive People Who Hold You Back

Inner Game

  1. Dogmatic: they are incapable of seeing beyond rules, they grip closely on doctrine
  2. Argumentative: they are one-sided and focus on attack instead of mutual resolve
  3. Uninterested: they don’t take the time to hear about what you care of or like
  4. Disconnected: they choose not to perceive and to understand the world around them
  5. Unoriginal: they go with trends on everything but never add anything different
  6. Fear-mongering: they are addicted to seeking out the negatives and worst case scenarios
  7. Co-dependent: instead of thinking for themselves, they rely on validation from other people

In Friendship

  1. Conditional: friendship with them relies on what they can get back or how it makes them look/feel
  2. Personal: they bring things to a personal level and often insult who you are as a person
  3. Deceitful: it’s clear that they don’t have your best intentions at heart; they comfortably lie to/about you
  4. Delusional: they have a warped view of themselves, others, and the world around them
  5. Oppressive: they operate by making fun of you or pointing out your flaws (truly confident people do not do this)
  6. Absence: they ignore the NOW, can’t focus on what’s right in front of them and look for ways to escape reality
  7. Faithless: they refuse to believe in anything other than themselves

Their Outlooks

  1. Cynics: they don’t promote growth/positivity, their energies are destructive and uninspiring
  2. Pessimistic: they focus largely on negativities
  3. Victims: they blame all of their problems on external factors and never account for personal responsibility
  4. Ungrounded: they cannot commit to an idea or stand up for moral issues or beliefs
  5. Nosey: they pry into you and your life and try to bring you down
  6. Unhealthy: they take little care of themselves and others, consistently making bad choices
  7. Ungrateful: they don’t realise how lucky they are in life and refuse to see how positive things really are for them

Take a look at the three lists above on the types of people who hold you back, do any or a lot of these points resonate with you? More likely than not, you can probably picture one or more people quite clearly in your head who encapsulate the traits outlined. The beauty about being you, is that you have the power to let them go and start afresh so you can focus on positive influencers in your life such as mentors, mentees, real friends and family.

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