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How Compound Interest Works – Everyone Should Know This!

Compound Interest Einstein

Way back in the dark ages, young people went to work for an employer, and in return for this work would be a ‘promise’ of a comfortable lifestyle at retirement age, principally in the form of a pension. This promise is what is also known as a defined benefit plan. ... Read More »

7 Things to Avoid Sharing in the Workplace

8 Things to Avoid Sharing in Work

It’s very difficult to build a strong network within the working world if you don’t open up about yourself. Sometimes, the things that you feel are good relationship builders can quickly turn in to the opposite thus defeating the purpose of sharing them in the first place. If you reveal ... Read More »

Symptoms Of Burnout – Avoid Irreparable Damage


What is Burnout? Burnout is defined as: “physical or mental collapse, caused by overwork or stress.” We’ve all heard about burnout, but most people don’t realise that it can can sneak up on you without even realising. Those who are most prone to suffering from burnout (physical or mental exhaustion) ... Read More »

Don’t Fake It Til You Make It, or do…

dont fake it til you make it

There is no one single person who is truly an expert in confidence, but I have been working on myself for some time now and things have improved a lot. Some things I have noticed is that people treat me differently, maybe because they perceive me as more approachable and more charismatic. ... Read More »

The Secret

shh the secret

“The Secret” isn’t really a secret, and hasn’t been for centuries. Throughout this time, it has gone by many different names and each generation re-brands it to make it theirs. However, changing the name doesn’t change the concept. The newest topic is “The Law of Attraction“, and “positive thinking” was ... Read More »

How to Build Self-Esteem

how to build self esteem

We have talked about the negatives of being self-critical, and there really is no worse critic than yourself. The best attitude is one that comes from a focus on yourself, as opposed to competing with other people. Once there is a perceived negative self worth, it becomes easy to fall in ... Read More »

Self-Esteem Determines Who We Are


While we may not realise it, self-esteem plays a pivotal role in whether we will be a success in life or not. Why is that? The way we view ourselves (self-esteem), which includes our talents and skills, have a direct affect on our thoughts. Those thoughts turn into actions. Actions create experience ... Read More »

Create Confidence with Reference Experiences

huge self confidence

Creating Reference Experiences Take a look at the following questions for a moment: Do you know how to build up your self-confidence? Do you know whether you are confident or not? Do you understand what self-confidence is? Do you ever doubt your abilities? Do you ever doubt your values? If you’re ... Read More »

Stop Bullshitting; Start Living the Life You Want


Let’s call a spade a spade here, the most common issue people have with personal development and making a positive change is that it stays a daydream. They get excited and inspired by what they see or read, in places like this for example. But they bullshit themselves about wanting real ... Read More »

12 Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts

overcome negative thoughts

It usually starts with a thought or a feeling. Maybe it starts with something someone has said. Then it starts to drag you down in to that place of feeling sorry for yourself, feeling worried, or into thinking “what’s the point in doing anything at all?” as you walk around feeling low with ... Read More »

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