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Eating to Improve

Eating to Improve

Eat Your Way To A Happier, Healthier You

The key to a happy, healthier you, is in eating correctly along with regular exercise, good sleep and having regular medical check ups. While food is critical, all three elements play a pivotal role toward a healthier version of yourself which in turn make you feel better.

In today’s society, one of the biggest issues faced (mostly by Western Culture) is that people have a negative relationship with food and eat incorrectly far too often. Although we’re slowly getting better, eating habits are still poor which is in large down to the pace of the times we live in where convenience food often takes precedence.

What to do to eat correctly?

Eating a balanced diet isn’t really that difficult if you break down the basic components of what our intake should look like. Some people find it hard to do, while others find it easy. It’s simply down to educating yourself about your food sources and natural requirements.

For some, it’s difficult to buy healthy food as it’s deemed to be expensive (but not as much as your medical bills in later life) and that’s simply not true. While it’s fair to say that some find it hard enough to make ends meet without having to pay over the odds for a loaf of bread, getting the cheapest that’s laden with sugars isn’t going to help either. One, because it typically gets over-consumed, and two, because there are other options available. There are always options. You can get your own ingredients and make a batch for a fraction, with plenty of free recipes readily available online. If you can’t afford to eat a balanced diet, then you’re probably eating too much of the wrong things. If it’s truly a monetary issue, there are plenty of places that will help you out if you’re in need.

What I can eat?

Whatever you want, that’s your decision. To get it right though, you need to be aware of the 6 Basic Nutrient Requirements that make up a healthy diet: Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water.

It’s not as bad as it sounds as these can be found in most of the things that you already like. It’s all about balance.

Your Doctor is always at hand to give you advice around this, but there’s no need to take a visit when there’s so much information readily available online. Don’t forget, exercise. A good diet is very well complimented with exercise and it will increase your health.

How do I learn?

Get information from as many places as you can, then take brief notes until they becomes ingrained in your memory. The repetition of this will create reference experience and you won’t need to think about it after a short while.

Don’t expect to change yourself overnight, that’s too big of a task to expect of anyone. Slow, measured steps married with a goal point and you’ll be there in no time. For those who have been eating incorrectly for your whole lives, it might take a little longer, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible, willpower will get you there.

Will I feel better?

Yes, without a doubt. A good diet has a direct correlation toward how we feel about ourselves. If you’re lacking in key nutrients, your body and mind cannot function correctly. If your body and mind aren’t functioning correctly then it has a lot of negative effects on both, it’s really that simple. Starve your body of what it needs and it’s very possible that you will get physically and/or mentally ill. Vitamin supplements can be useful if you’re not finding the right foods to eat at the beginning, but don’t rely on them as natural sources of these have far greater benefits.

Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins.

Find which vitamins the body and mind need to operate effectively. Start getting a good intake of them as quickly as possible, you’ll start to feel the benefits pretty soon after, especially if they have been lacking in your diet for some time.

Remember: Eat, Sleep, Exercise, Monitor.

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