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Is Your Glass Half Empty?

Is Your Glass Half Empty?

You can miss so much of your life if you look at it through a half empty glass. Taking a negative view on life will inevitably lead to a life of negative thinking; never seeing the good things that it has to offer.

Often said, not often practiced, it’s worthwhile to take a moment to write down all of the things that you perceive to be wrong with your life. Following that, on a different piece of paper, write down all of the things you are grateful for.

This can be difficult for a negative mindset, so it’s best to put things into perspective:

      • Did you wake up in a warm bed this morning?
      • Did you have clean clothes to put on?
      • Did you have breakfast?
      • Did you go to a job?
      • …in a car?

Each of the above are genuine blessings, which are a positive part of your life. Why focus on the negative without appreciating the simplest things? It’s far too easy to think about the negative things in your life, like:

  • My car is too old
  • I don’’t get paid enough
  • I don’t have the latest phone

Get a grip!!! More than half of the people in the world would love to have the things that you took for granted, just this morning alone! Try thinking positively as a way of finding happiness and satisfaction in your life.

  • What do you get out of life by focusing on the negative aspects of your life?
  • Are you a complainer because of your ‘circumstances’, or do your circumstances make you complain?
  • When you really think about your life, are you not truly blessed compared to most around the planet?

Complaining does nothing except make others around you feel bad, and if that’’s your intention, you need to re-think your relationships and what you are bringing to the table.

Bring positive and you will attract positive in return.

Share your thoughts below on how to shift to a Glass Half Full mindset.

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