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The Secret

The Secret

“The Secret” isn’t really a secret, and hasn’t been for centuries. Throughout this time, it has gone by many different names and each generation re-brands it to make it theirs. However, changing the name doesn’t change the concept.

The newest topic is “The Law of Attraction“, and “positive thinking” was the one before it. The primary focus is identical. The positive things that you think will happen, will happen. Your thoughts manifest themselves in to your reality. So while the names have changed, the meaning has not.

The other side of this is the concept that focusing on the negatives cause these negatives to become your reality. To fill your life with hate, anger, dissatisfaction and discontent, all you need to do is focus on these things. Is that your goal?

The ability to learn to focus your thoughts on positive things such as love, happiness and contentment, will create a life and mind filled with those desired results. That’s not to say that some bad won’t happen, but how you manage them is the following step. It’s difficult to overcome negative thoughts, but, as with anything it comes with practice and confidence in your own beliefs.

Wishing for good things in life doesn’t magic them up, it’s a learning process in which you teach yourself to change the way you think. To start living the life you want, you need to start doing things differently to how you have in the past.

It’s unfortunate, but true, to say that the average person tends to focus more on the negatives in their lives. Drawing comparison to what was mentioned above, what do you think that will manifest?

Worrying about fears (real or imagined), consumes far too much of our thought processes. This is natural though, and it’s part of our survival instinct. These fears typically take place at an unconscious level, so it can be difficult to recognise these thoughts. The goal is to be able to recognise negative thoughts, and then take action to overcome them.

The Secret, The Law of Attraction, or whatever name you choose to give it, is simply the way to change your thought process. Improve your daily life through your thoughts.

If you have used these methods to improve your daily life, please share with everyone below what helped you most.

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